When did It Start?

Online Binary Option trading has been available to the general public since 2008. But despite this short period of time, it has seen rapid exponential growth.



What is Binary Options?

Binary Options is a prediction of which way a price of an asset will move, either up or down, In a given time frame. An asset could be a stock (e.g. Google, Facebook, or Intel), a commodity (e.g. gold, oil or platinum), indices (e.g. NASDAQ, Dao Johns), or currencies (e.g. SUD-EUR, GBP-JPY).

A binary trader doesn’t need to own an asset, he simply predicts which way the price will move. If his prediction is accurate he earns up to 80% on top of his initial investment. Unlike with Forex, which has a steep learning curve, or casino games, which are completely based on luck, Binary Options are super simple and while there is risk, the trader can make calculated decisions similar to those done with any investment. Binary Options also offers a great level of excitement and entertainment.

Why Promote Binary Options?

Binary options are fresh and new and give affiliates an opportunity to benefit from this emerging market. Get into Binary Options while the iron is hot. Binary Options offers short term investments and are able to give your traders instant gratification. Binary options offer you fast traffic and more of it. What you invest in Binary Options is what you risk – no more. There are no hidden fees or costs. You can introduce binary options to both novice and professional traders.




Cost per Acquisition pays you a fixed amount for every visitor that signs up with a broker, makes a deposit and trades. If you are in the market for a CPA than we’ve got you covered. Starting from $200, we’re flexible and will tailor a custom CPA package for you, based on the quality and quantity of your traffic.



For those who want to build long term annuity revenues, our Revenue Share model allows you to earn every month a percentage of the revenues generated by your traders. Our revenue share model starts at a healthy 25% of net-deposits.

Total Payouts
Over 120M USD / year
Total Affiliates
Over 30K Affiliates
Total Deposits
Over 700M Deposits / year

Being a binary option affiliate can be extremely profitable and fulfilling, as you get the highest possible return for the traffic you generate and refer to BOA Elite’s expert binary brokers. Furthermore, BOA Elite’s affiliate network has an excellent support team with experienced professionals and vast knowledge on the Binary option market.